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Do you want to sell your website, sell your domain name? provides a platform for you to list your website or domain name for sale. It facilitates communication with potential buyers who may express interest in your website/domain.

To inform interested parties that your website or domain name is available for purchase at a competitive price, please adhere to the following straightforward instructions.

  1. Register or log in to
  2. Verify your website/domain on To do this, open the homepage, enter your website/domain name, and click "Calculate".
  3. Once the analysis and calculation of your website's value are complete, click on the "Sell my website/domain" link under the Widgets section. Alternatively, you can click on the Dashboard link in the menu.
  4. The Site Verification page will open. Insert the provided HTML code into your website's main (root) page and fill in the requested information. Then, click the "Verify" button. If the verification is successful, complete the form, and your website/domain will be listed for sale on
  5. Confirm that your domain/website is listed on the Buy Websites page.
  6. Wait for interested parties to contact you. If anyone expresses interest in your website/domain name, you will receive an email from the potential buyer, which will include their contact information.

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